Thursday, December 16, 2021

5G Subscribers Expected to Reach 660 Million by End of 2021


Ericsson, a Swedish telecommunications company, in its latest report, revealed that mobile data traffic has increased nearly 300 times since 2011.

The findings, which are based on current and past network data, are published in the Ericsson Mobility Report as of November 2021, a 10 year special issue.

The report reviews some of the key trends and events that have shaped the past decade and reveals updated forecasts for 2027.

Ericsson said 5G will be the fastest mobile generation today, reinforced by the latest estimate that there will be nearly 660 million 5G subscriptions by the end of this year.

"This increase was due to higher-than-expected demand in China and North America, which was partly driven by lower prices for 5G devices," Ericsson said in a statement, Wednesday (15 December 2021).

In addition, another driving factor for the increase was the net addition of 98 million 5G subscriptions globally in the third quarter of 2021 compared to 48 million new 4G subscriptions.

By the end of 2021, the company said, it is estimated that 5G networks will reach more than two billion people.

In addition, 5G is expected to account for about 50 percent of all mobile subscriptions worldwide, corresponding to 75 percent of the world's population and representing 62 percent of smartphone traffic worldwide.

"Mobile communications have had a tremendous impact on society and business over the last ten years," said Fredrik Jejdling, Executive Vice President and Head of Networks at Ericsson.

"As we predict what will happen in 2027, mobile networks will become more integral than ever before as will how we interact, live and work," he added.

Since 2011, the report states, the implementation of 4G LTE networks has been critical in generating 5.5 billion new smartphone connections worldwide, as well as contributing to market availability with more than 20,000 different 4G device models.

The report also points to a much earlier technology lifecycle for 5G devices, with 5G devices currently accounting for 23 percent of global volume when compared to 8 percent of 4G devices at the same point in the lifecycle.

The number of mobile subscriptions in Southeast Asia and Oceania has exceeded 1.1 billion, Indonesia is in second place globally based on net additions during the third quarter of 2021.

“Indonesia recorded 23 million net additions during the quarter. 5G subscriptions in the region are expected to reach nearly 15 million by the end of 2021 and grow positively over the next few years, with an estimated total of around 560 million by 2027.

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